Michael Newman

Hi My name is Michael Newman, I have been a Driving Instructor since 2012.

Having started with one of the largest Driving schools in England, I decided to go it alone and become one of the many Independent Instructors out there.

I thoroughly enjoy my Job as I meet variety of great people, with whom are willing to learn and gain a driving licence for that all important, Moment of FREEDOM!!!

I cover Postal code areas ..... CR4, CR7, SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, SW15 SW17, SW18, SW19.


I am available Monday, Wednesday, Thurseday and Friday starting from 10am to 10pm on most days and from 10am on Saturdays and 12pm on Sundays.

Please click on the LInk here for  Price List I subscribe to category A,B and C on the list.


Contact tel: 07737 177 115

Email: dinstructormichael@gmail.com